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Dear visitor of this website,

Building bowed instruments for more than 25 years gave me the opportunity to measure quite a lot of original 17th and 18th century instruments. Among these are instruments from makers like Barak Norman, Edward Lewis, Cheron, Bertrand, Rombouts, Jacobs, Hellmer, Stradivari, Castagnieri, Linarol and Ciciliano.
The list of names includes cellos, basses, the members of the viol family from treble viol to consort bass, and the viola d'amore.

On the pages of this website you will find images together with short descriptions of several 'copies' of old models which I made in the last two decades.

In the photogallery you will find pictures of the baroque and renaissance viols and their predecessor, the vihuela d'arco.
The viola d'amore was made after the original by Johann Georg Hellmer, now in the beautiful collection of the 'Gemeentemuseum Den Haag'.
The cello is represented by two examples of different sizes: the Stradivari of normal size and the smaller Castagnieri which is very suitable for piccolo playing.
The violone and double bass instruments represent examples of 4, 5 and 6 string instruments and can be used for both 8 and 16 foot playing.